Introduction to Perl Web App Development

Getting Started with Perl Web App Development describes how to develop web applications in Perl. Perl has a web framework called Mojolicious that makes it easy and flexible to create web applications. With Mojolicious, you can build a web system that has both development efficiency and performance.

Currently, this site is almost in the process of being written. After the other courses are completed to some extent, I plan to continue writing.

For first-time users

Development environment construction

Linux commands

First Web system development



Member registration function

Frequently Asked Questions

Website parts

A sample list of parts on the website.

Web application development related course

This is a related course on web application development.

Introduction to Perl Programming

An introduction to Perl programming required for web application development.


An introduction to Mojolicious, a web framework needed for web application development, and Mojolicious documentation.

Website creation

Giblog, a website creation tool, is useful for creating websites.

Web development environment construction

If you want to build a web development environment, there is a procedure for building an environment on Ubuntu, which is one of the Linux distributions.

Web application development questions

There is a members-only Perl Club Forum where you can interact with your peers and ask questions about web app development in Perl. You can also use Twitter's reply / direct message and Youtube's comment section.

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